Master of Science "Environmental Management"

Scottland by L. Michelsen

The Master of Science “Environmental Management” is designed to offer interdisciplinary education, which enables graduates to develop complex, efficient and sustainable management concepts to solve current and future environmental problems.
This program encompasses several fascinating fields of research such as: Nature Conservation, Soil Protection, Water Protection, Water Framework Directive, Integrated Coastal Zone Management, Environmental Monitoring and Sustainable Land-use.

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Available Modules for Summer Semster 2020

Timetable for EM Modules (XLSX)

B3 Environmental Management
Code Module name Lecturer Comment
AEF-EM013 Digital Spatial Analysis - Practical Exercises Oppelt cancelled
AEF-EM039 Economic Aspects of Environmental Management Foders OLAT Registration
AEF-agr078 Integrated Management of Rural & Woodland Regions Diekötter OLAT Registration
MNF-eco110 Terrestrial Ecosystems Field Studies Schrautzer OLAT Registration
MNF-Geogr-332 Remote Sensing and Environmental Modeling König OLAT Registration
B4 Coastal Systems
Code Module name Lecturer Comment
MNF-ftz-geo-S125 Abiotic and Biotic Interactions in the Wadden Sea Garthe/Ricklefs not clear yet, contact Mrs Stieper or lecturer,
MNF-ftz-geo-S126 Coastal Evolution and Protection Mayerle not clear yet, contact Mrs Stieper or lecturer,
MNF-ftz-geo-S128 Coastal Environmental Surveying Mayerle not clear yet, contact Mrs Stieper or lecturer,
AEF-EM012 Marine and Coastal Ecosystems Field Studies Whiltshire/Asmus cancelled
MNF-Geogr-342 GIS and Remote Sensing applications in Coastal Zones Vafeidis OLAT Registration
B5 Systems Theory and Ecosystem Services
Code Module name Lecturer Comment
AEF-EM011 Principles of Ecosystem Analysis Müller OLAT Registration
AEF-agr852 Ecosystem Services in Agroecosystems Diekötter cancelled
B6 Ecohydrology and Geoecology
Code Module name Lecturer Comment
AEF-EM023 Fieldtrip to Poland: Hydrobiology and Hydrology Ulrich/Wu cancelled
EMAEF024-01a Fieldtrip Limnoecology Lake Baikal Donath/Ulrich uncertain
AEF-EM016 Ecology of Soils Schimming cancelled
B7 Human Development in Landscapes
Code Module name Lecturer Comment
MNF-eco-109/103 Geoarchaeological and Holocene Palaeoenvironmental Field and Laboratory Analysis/Long Term Development of Landscapes Khamnueva-Wendt/Dreibrodt/Bork Excursion: Registration via OLAT for those who were selected
MNF-eco-107 Terrestrial Ecozones and Ecosystems Bork OLAT Registration
B8 Functional Ecology
Code Module name Lecturer Comment
biol-247 Molecular Evolution of Biotic Interactions Ober not clear yet,updates at
biol-265 Molecular Genetic Studies on Plant Development Sauter not clear yet, contact lecturer Margret Sauter
biol-266 Current Research in Ecophysiology Bilger contact lecturer Wolfgang Bilger
biol 240 Field Ecology and principles in plant invasion Erfmeier not clear yet, contact lecturer Alexandra Erfmeier
biol-221 Evolution of UV-B resistance Bilger contact lecturer Wolfgang Bilger
E Open Studies
Code Module name Lecturer Comment
VWL-EnRe-EnVa Environmental Valuation Köke/Schütt OLAT Registration
VWL-EnRe-EnEc Environmental Economics Requate OLAT Registration
AEF-Agr068e Modeling Consumer Behavior Abdulai OLAT Registration
AEF-agr0200 Management and Innovation in Food Supply Chains Schreiner, Kresova OLAT Registration
MNF-Geogr-142 Political Ecology Ehret OLAT Registration
EMJUR-01a International Law of the Sea Matz-Lück OLAT Registration
MNF-ftz-geo-S174 Decision Support Systems for the Governance of Coastal Ecosystems Mayerle Please register with Mrs. Mercedes Stieper, until 30.06.2020
MNF-eco-113 Reconstructing Quaternary Environments Unkel OLAT Registration
EMAEF-047-01a Strategies for Sustainable Soil Management Spielvogel OLAT Registration
EMAEF046-01a Interdisciplinary Lectures on Sustainability Rosado postponed to 28. 9.- 11.10.2020
MNF-ftz-geo-S175 Landscape development at the North Sea Coast Mayerle not clear yet, contact Mrs Stieper or lecturer,



ERASMUS+ & Double-degrees with Poznan and Irkutsk

Information about funding and application issues can be found here.

Double-degree programme

In an attempt to foster internationalized studies at the Kiel University this MSc. programme is offered as a double-degree in cooperation with the Irkutsk State University, Russia. This program facilitates students to benefit both from joint scientific and cultural input at Kiel University, Germany and Irkutsk State University, Russia.


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