Information for applicants

Helgoland by L. Michelsen

MSc. "Environmental Management" (EM):

Details on requirements and structure of the programme

Applications must be submitted through our online application portal
available >> here <<

MSc. "Sustainability, Society and the Environment" (SSE):

Details on requirements and structure of the programme

Applications must be submitted through our online application portal
available >> here <<

Please do not send any application documents by post or email as they will not be processed!

Applications will be processed in May and June.
In July you will receive a notification on your application success.

Please refrain from enquiries before. Due to the high number of applications we will not be able to reply to enquiries.

Information for international applicants

To find out details on accomodation, visa & residency permits, health insurance, financial assistance, counseling and other information relevant to international students, please refer to the information provided by our "International Center" here at Kiel University:

Important information for applicants from China, Mongolia and Vietnam: Certificate of the Academic Examination Board
Applications from China (except Hong Kong), Mongolia and Vietnam will only be accepted if the certificate from the Academic Examination Board is enclosed. This means that every applicant from these countries has to apply to the Academic Examination Board prior to her/his application to Kiel University.
A Bachelor's degree is requested as a prerequisite for admission. On receipt of our letter of admission, you may apply for your visa at the Academic Examination Board. This avoids requesting an appointment at the visa office.

Please consult the following websites for more details:
China, Vietnam, Mongolia

Health insurance

Students have to enrol in a German public health insurance of their choice. Insurance evidence or a proof of an exemption from the statutory health insurance scheme has to be presented at the registration.

Further information is available here:

Fees and other costs

There are no tuition fees, but every semester you will have to pay the "semester fee" of approx. 130 € to the “Studentenwerk” plus a one-off registration fee at the first registration at the CAU of approx. 60 € .

Having done this you will be able to get cheap lunches at the canteen (German "Mensa") and free rides with the public transportation within the greater area of Kiel.

Depending on the study programme you might additionally have to pay partial costs for excursions or field trips.

Monthly expenses for the cost of living in Kiel are approx. 600-800 € per month. As it may be difficult to find jobs, please take this into account for your budgeting!

We do not provide any scholarships, but you can find information on financial assistance here:

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

General questions:

Do I need to send a paper-version of my application other than my application submitted in the online system?
No. Applications will only be possible through an online application. Application documents sent by post or email will not be processed.

Can I still send my application after the deadline?

Can I apply with a NON-German bachelors degree?
Yes. Please check the websites of the respective programme for specific requirements. 

What are the necessary documents I need to provide with my application?
- Scan of passport
- Proof of English language proficiency (i.e. language certificate)
- University degree certificate
- Official Transcript of Records listing all classes
- CV (curriculum vitae) - max. 1 page!
- Proof of special achievements and extracurricular qualification mentioned in the entrance test (i.e. work experience, voluntary work, scholarships, etc.)
- Letters of reference
- APS Certificate if necessary (applicants from China, Vietnam and Mongolia)

Important note: For documents in languages other than English or German you need to provide officially certified translations!

All provided documents must be of high-quality and in the correct order (e.g., transcript of records). All incomplete applications and unreadble copies of certificates will be rejected.

Will I get an acknowledgment letter when my application letter is received by the university?
You will receive an email confirming receipt of your application after you have submitted your application.

Do you accept the 3 year bachelor degrees from universities of applied science (German: Fachhochschule)?

Can I apply for multiple programmes?
Yes. But you have to file separate applications on the specific online application form, each including all necessary attachments.

Fees and other costs:

Is there an application fee to be paid?

Language qualification:

If I have studied in English, do I still require the "TOEFL" or "IELTS" exam?
This is different for each of the programmes! 
For the MSC "Environmental Management": No, you do not need an additional test, provided the the degree is issued by a university in a country where English is the native language.
For the MSC "Sustainability, Society and the Environment": Yes, you do need one of the stated certificates.

For the MSC "Environmental Management": How many years do I need to have studied in English to be exempted from the "TOEFL" or "IELTS" exam?
Generally one year of studies fully in English in a country where English is the native language.

Can I send a copy of my "TOEFL" results directly to your office?
No. They need to be included in your online application documents.

What is the "Kiel University / Kiel School of Sustainability" identity code so that I may be able to send "TOEFL" results officially from the ETS office?
Please do not send any documents to us directly! They need to be included in your online application and all documents are uploaded there!

Can I still get admission if my "TOEFL" score is lower than the required passmarks?
For the MSC "Environmental Management": A slight deviation may be accepted if the candidate demonstrates exemplary performance.
For the MSC "Sustainability, Society and the Environment": No.

What is the required pass mark for the online "TOEFL iBT" test?
MSC "Environmental Management": TOEFL® iBT (Internet-based test): 90 points
MSC "Sustainability, Society and the Environment": TOEFL® iBT (Internet-based test): 90 points, with component scores of at least 20 points.

My "IELTS" or "TOEFL" score is not yet ready; can I send it later after the application deadline?

Do I need to prove German language skills?
No, for the programmes MSC "Environmental Management" and MSC "Sustainability, Society and the Environment" this is not necessary as they are held entirely in English.