Internship module

Dear SSE student. If you are interested in doing an internship and if you want to receive ECTS for your internship you must send us the application sheet upfront. After completion of your internship you must send us the recognition sheet with all additional information that we need.

„I have started studying SSE before 2020“ (FPO 2013)


„I have started studying SSE in 2020 or later“ (FPO 2020)


Please note that we can only credit the following amount of ECTS:
  • 3 ECTS (corresponding to 90 working hours)
  • 5 ECTS (corresponding to 150 working hours)
  • 8 ECTS (corresponding to 240 working hours)
  • 10 ECTS (corresponding to 300 working hours)


Please send all requests regarding the application and recognition of your internship (with the respective ECTS) to