Goals of the SSE master's programme

Sustainability, Society and the Environment


The course combines two essential elements: it brings together “thinkers” and “problem solvers”. It enables students to analyze global issues and it empowers them to take action in order to create sustainable solutions.

The course helps students to analyze and understand change processes at both the global and the local level. It focuses on understanding concepts of sustainable development, combining analytical concepts of the social sciences and the environmental sciences. It looks at issues such as urbanization, migration, social innovation processes, globalization and regional development, inequality and development and the impact of climate change, particularly in coastal regions.

The course empowers students to take action on urgent global issues. Students learn how to create and manage projects that promote sustainable development. They learn how to use media for sustainability communication and how to educate and empower other people to create sustainable solutions.

The course aims at inspiring students to cooperate in interdisciplinary teams in order to harness the potential of diversity. It strengthens students’ creativity and problems solving skills.

Target group of the programme

This programme targets students with a track record of commitment to sustainable development, students with leadership capabilities who are passionate about and committed to promoting sustainable development.