Modules for Students 2020/21

Scottland by L. Michelsen

Most modules have 6 credit points (ECTS), equivalent to a workload of 180 hours. However, there are a few modules in our catalog that do not have 6 credit points, so please check in the PDFs.

A - Core modules

Code Title Semester  
EMAEF050-01a Sustainable Approaches in Environmental Management  1 PDF
EMAEF029-01a Planning and Managing Science Projects 1 PDF
EMAEF051-01a Science project 1 2 PDF
EMAEF052-01a Science project 2 3 PDF


B - Knowledge and Analysis

Students take 6 modules from the B section; they are free to combine modules from all sub-sections.

  • B1 - Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services
  • B2 - Ecohydrology and Geoecology
  • B3 - Human and Environmental Interaction in space and time
  • B4 - Coasts and Oceans
  • B5 - Environmental Economics and Politics


B1 - Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services

Module codes denoted by * only count for 5 ECTS, and module codes denoted by ** count for 10 ECTS

Code Title Semester  
EMAEF040-01a Conservation Biology 1 PDF
EMAEF001-01a Principles in Ecology and Ecosystem Analysis 1 PDF
biol214* Environmental Stress Adaptation on Plants 1 PDF
agrarAEF078-01a Integrated Management of Rural & Woodland Regions 2 PDF
EMAEF023-01a Fieldtrip Hydrobiology Poland 2 PDF
MNF-eco-110 Terrestrial Ecosystems and Protection – Field Studies 2 PDF
biol247* Molecular Evolution of Biotic Interactions 2 PDF
biol265** Molecular Genetic Studies on Plant Development 2 PDF
biol240* Field Ecology and Invasion Ecology 2 PDF
AEF-agr852 Ecosystem Services in Agroecosystems 2 PDF
ecoMNF114-01a Plant x Environment Interactions 3 PDF


B2 - Ecohydrology and Geoecology

Code Title Semester  
EMAEF002-01a Hydrology and Climatology 1 PDF
EMAEF045-01a Analysis Methods in Hydrochemistry 1 PDF
agrarAEF075-01a Processes in Soil 1 PDF
EMAEF024-01a Fieldtrip Limnoecology Lake Baikal 2 PDF
EMAEF047-01a Management of Soil Resources 2 PDF
AEF-agr076 Integrated Management of River Basins 3 PDF
AEF-EM018 Integrated Management of Wetlands 3 PDF
EMAEF027-01a Hydrological Modelling 3 PDF
EMAEF046-01a Interdisciplinary Lectures on Sustainability 1/2/3 PDF


B3 - Human and Environmental Interaction in space and time

Code Title Semester  
MNF-eco-102 Climate and Landscape Changes - Past and Future 1 PDF
MNF-eco-105 Long Term Analysis of Environmental Trends 1 PDF
MNF-eco-103 Long Term Analysis of Landscapes - Field Studies 2 PDF
MNF-eco-104 Field Studies in Environmental History 2 PDF
MNF-eco-109 Geoarchaeological and Holocene palaeoenvironmental field and laboratory analysis 2 PDF
MNF-eco-113 Reconstructing Quaternary Environments (RQE) 2 PDF
MNF-eco-101 Geo-Ecological Regional Processes 3 PDF
MNF-eco-106 Geoarchaeology and Holocene palaeoecology – reconstruction of natural and human processes in ecosystems 3 PDF
MNF-eco-107 Terrestrial Ecozones and Ecosystems 1/2/3 PDF


B4 - Coasts and Oceans

Code Title Semester  
MNF-geogr341 Coastal Zone Dynamics 1 PDF
MNF-ftz-geo-S122 Principles of Nutrient Dynamics in Coastal Areas 1 PDF
AEF-EM049-01a Trade-offs in Protection and Use of Marine Ecosystems (will not be offered in the WS 20/21) 1 PDF
EMJUR-01a International Law of the Sea 2 PDF
MNF-ftz-geo-S125 Abiotic-biotic interactions in the Wadden Sea 2 PDF
MNF-ftz-geo-S126 Coastal Evolution and Protection 2 PDF
MNF-ftz-geo-S128 Coastal Environmental Surveying Techniques 2 PDF
MNF-ftz-geo-S175 Long Term Evolution of the North-Sea Coast 2 PDF
EMAEF043-01a Marine and Coastal Ecosystems I 2 PDF
EMAEF044-01a Marine and Coastal Ecosystems II 3 PDF
EMAEF032-01a Integrated Coastal Zone Management 3 PDF
MNF-geogr342 GIS and Remote Sensing Applications in Coastal Zones 3 PDF
EMFTZ-01a Marine Nature Conservation: Theory and Application 3 PDF


B5 - Environmental Economics and Politics

Module codes denoted by * only count for 5 ECTS

Code Title Semester  
AEF-EM009 Principles of Environmental Economics & Environmental Planning 1 PDF
VWL-MiFi-SuEc* Sustainability Economics 1 PDF
VWL-Clim-Sem* Seminar in Climate and Energy Policy 2 PDF
AEF-EM039 Economic Aspects of Environmental Management 2 PDF
egAEF068-01a Modeling Consumer Behavior 2 PDF
agrarAEF200-02a Management and Innovation in Food Supply Chains 2 PDF
VWL-Res-Sem* Seminar in Resource Economics 2 PDF
MNF-S142 Political Ecology 2 PDF
VWL-EnvVal-Sem* Seminar in Environmental Valuation 3 PDF
AEF-eg006 Environmental Economics 3 PDF
agrarAEF863-01a Model-based Policy Analyses of Agricultural, Energy and Climate Policies 3 PDF
EMAEF048-01a Economic Valuations of Ecosystem Services 3 PDF


C: Scientific Methods

Code Title Semester  
EMAEF030-01a Statistical & Mathematical Tools 1 PDF
MNF-geogr230-01a Spatial data handling-exploratory analysis 1 PDF
MNF-geogr231-01a Remote Sensing Principles 1 PDF
MNF-geogr333 Remote Sensing Applications 2 PDF
MNF-geogr-332 Remote Sensing and Environmental Modeling 2 PDF
EMAEF013-01a Digital Spatial Analysis - Practical Exercises (S116) 2 PDF
MNF-ftz-geo-S174 Decision Support Systems for the Governance of Coastal Ecosystems 2 PDF
EMAEF031-01a Ecosystem Modelling - A Practical Introduction 3 PDF
MNF-eco 116 Advanced Analytical Methods in Plant Ecology using R 3 PDF
MNF-ftz-geo-S025 Engineering Mathematics 3 PDF
EMAEF036-01a GIS in Ecology 3 PDF


D: Open Studies

Code Title Semester  
agrarAEF880-01a Ocean Economics 2 PDF
agrarAEF882-01a Political Economy of Natural Resource Management 1/3 PDF
MNF-eco-115 Planning and Construction of a Wind Farm 1/3 PDF
EMAEF042-01a Metabolism of the Anthroposphere with Special Regard to Waste Management (EM students can get this module recognised for the B section) 1/3 PDF
S172 The Human Relationship to Nature 1/3 PDF
VWL-EnRe-CliEn Climate and Energy Policy 1/3 PDF
AEF-EM019 Advanced Ecosystem Analysis in Environmental Management (EM students can get this module recognised for the B section) 1/3


AEF-EM011 Principles of Ecosystem Analysis (EM students can get this module recognised for the B section) 2 PDF


E: Master Thesis

Code Title Semester  
EMAEF053-01a Master Thesis: Dissertation 4 PDF