Exam regulations

Overview for EM examination regulations

Follow these links for the current examination regulations:

For students who have started the study programm in the winter term 2020/21 or later: German or in English.

For students who have started the study programm before the winter term 2020/21: German or in English.

The examination procedure regulations for all students at Kiel University can be found here in German and in English.

Notice: only the German versions are legally binding.


Exam Office (Prüfungsamt) of the Faculty Agricultural and Nutritional Sciences (AEF):

Hermann-Rodewald-Str. 4, Zimmer 18
Telephone: 0431/880-3209
Fax: 0431/880-7334
Email: pruefungsamt@agrar.uni-kiel.de
Office hours: Monday – Thursday  9 - 11 h 
    (You are welcome to stop by the office any time, even outside of these hours.)


Exam registration

When to Register**

  1. All examinations (written or oral exams) from modules offered by our faculty (module code including AEF) can be registered in three*** exam periods:
    • Modules from winter term: 1) February, 2) March/April, and 3) July 
    • Modules from summer term: 1) July, 2) October, and 3) February
  2. All other academic examination equivalents in the forms of papers, reports, projects, or presentations must be registered - without exception - for the 1st examination period of the semester, regardless of the submission deadline set by individual professors.


** Go to this website for exact dates for the registration period.

***Other faculties (i.e. Mathematics and Natural Sciences faculty- MNF) usually only have two exam periods; this is of relevance for modules with codes containing MNF or biol.

How to Register

As a regular student please register in the HIS Online-Portal/ QIS (the university portal for students, teachers and employees) for each exam.

Only in the case that online registration is not possible - is the case for all ERASMUS-students - please use this form, fill it out and hand it in at the examination office of the AEF; to register for the exams of modules of other faculites than the AEF that are not listed in the HIS Online-Portal, please visit the examination office's homepage of the offering faculty for detailed instructions:

Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

There you choose the link " Examination Office Geography " for the modules coded MNF[...] and the link " Examination Office Biology " for modules coded biol[...].


Faculty of Business, Economics and Social Sciences


There are certain restrictions on the freedom to choose when to conduct exams:

  • Oral exam (the exam period is your decision)
  • Written exam (the exam period is your decision)
  • Report (must be the 1st exam period)
  • Seminar paper (must be the 1st exam period)
  • Assignment (must be the 1st exam period)
  • Science Project 1 & 2 (must be the 1st exam period)

Failed Examinations

  1. Students have 3 attempts to pass an examination.
    • There is no chance to repeat a passed examination.
    • Repetition is only possible if you failed an examination.
    • You have to register in the HIS Online-Portal for a second try if you want to repeat the examination. You are not automatically re-registered after you failed an examination. It is not mandatory to register immediately for the next examination period, but be aware that registration for winter term courses are only possible for the 1st examination periods at the end of the winter term, for the 2nd examination period at the beginning of the summer term or for the 3rd examination period at the end of summer term (There is no additional examination period for winter term courses at the beginning of the winter term). This applies analogously to the examinations of the summer term courses.
  2. Pursuant to § 11 PVO, you can apply for a third retake ("Joker") for a total of two examinations during your entire period of study at Kiel University, without having to present special reasons for this. This option does not apply to the Master's thesis. It is not permitted to use both "jokers" for the same examination. You will not receive any additional "joker(s)" if you change your degree programme or take a second degree within CAU.

Cancelling/Missed (due to illness) Examinations

  1. Only for written tests:
    • It is possible to cancel a written examination until the 8th day before the day of the written test. This is done in the HIS Online Portal.
  2. In cases of illness:
    •  In case a student is ill for an examination, two official medical certificates ("Ärztliches Attest") need to be sent to the exam office within 4 days of the missed exam (Saturday, Sunday, high days, and holidays are not included).
    • Example: The student has an oral exam on Thursday, then the deadline to submit the two official medical certificates is the following Tuesday. The exam grade will initially show up as a failed exam, but after the forms have been accepted, the examination will no longer show up as a failed examination.
    •  Find the medical certificates here.


Recognition of modules

Despite the wide variety of courses offered in the sections B and C you may come across interesting modules from other study programs not included in the sections B and C of EM. Still you may want these courses to count for these sections and substitute other modules listed in the exam regulations. In this case, please contact the coordinators (kiss@ecology.uni-kiel.de) before you choose the module and find out if the module really can be recognised for the sections B or C.

If so, you have to fill out this form and have it signed by the study program coordinators.


Master's Thesis

Please refer to §12 of the examination regulations and examination procedure regulations for detailed information about the master thesis regulations. For a quick overview please see the Environmental Management Thesis Information Guide. To register your master's thesis please use this form.

Before you are allowed to register and officially start your Master's Thesis you have to have 60 ECTS collected.

Who can be a supervisor/reviewer? In a nutshell:

First supervisor/reviewer: Has to be a professor or PD (Privatdozent:in). Should be preferably member of the CAU and preferably lecture in EM - in case the latter two preconditions are not fulfilled, please contact the study coordinators for clarification.

Second supervisor/reviewer: Has to hold a at least a M.Sc. in Environmental Management or a related subject area - often this will be a PhD-student who does her:his PhD in a research project; in case she:he is not member of the CAU, please contact the study coordinators for clarification.


At the end of your studies

  1. Please check whether your surname and first name in the campus management system match the details in your passport.
  2. Your final degree documents must be issued with the information from your passport.
  3. Please find out in due time whether you need a legalization or an apostille for the recognition of the degree documents in your home country. 
  4. The exam office prepares the original documents and the pre-certification, then the documents must be forwarded to Mr. Steltenkamp.  (Ministerium für Inneres, ländliche Räume und Integration, Düsternbrooker Weg 92, 24105 Kiel,  Email: sascha.steltenkamp@im.landsh.de, Telephone: 0431 988-2802)
  5. After processing by Mr. Steltenkamp, the exam office does not receive the documents back. Please grant a power of attorney to a person you trust if you leave Germany before issuing the final documents.