Baltic University Programme

The Baltic University Programme is a network of more than 90 universities in the catchment of the Baltic Sea. Kiel University is part of this network and this enables you to take advantages of the wide array of offered activities. Find out more on the official BUP webpage.

BUP Module Pool on Sustainability

The BUP universities in Greifswald, Kiel, Rostock, Zittau-Görlitz, Tartu and Uppsala launched a “BUP Module Pool on Sustainability” starting with the winter term 2021/22.
The diverse module pool offers an opportunity for exchange and joint learning across national borders providing multidisciplinary sustainability-related teaching modules from leading universities in the BUP. There will be an ample mix of modules addressing topics such as hydrology and climatology to questions regarding ethics and modern democracy.

To find out more about the module offer and description, application process and more details about the module pool, check out our website.
As EM students you will be able to get the courses offered in the module pool recognised for your study programme; to do so please use this form after you passed the exam.

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