Technical information

For a quick introduction to digital teaching at the CAU and our School of Sustainabiliy, we have summarized the most important services that you will certainly need when you start studying here. Please familiarize yourself with these applications before teaching begins in order to ensure a smooth start to your studies.


Students receive an e-mail address in the form '' upon enrollment. Please note that e-mail communication with all officialuUniversity departments (i.e. professors, coordinators and examination office) must be made via your student e-mail.

Further information here:

Learning platform OLAT

Most (if not by now all) courses at the CAU are organized and conducted via the learning platform OLAT. Among other things, this platform is used to register for courses, distribute working material and hand in homework. Please familiarize yourself with OLAT as soon as possible and find out which of your courses are organized via OLAT.

Further information (unfortunately thus far only in German):

Video conferences and web meetings

Many courses in the winter semester 2020/21 are held in the form of a video conference/online meeting. Most commonly, the applications Zoom and BigBlueButton are used. Please have a look at how the programs work before starting the courses.


No separate registration is required for students enrolled at CAU. To access paid features such as unlimited meeting times and more, you must sign in to Zoom using CAU’s identity provider using your RZ-ID. Please ensure that you are accessing Zoom via your CAU account, otherwise you may not be able to join the courses.

Further information:

CAU Zoom Login:


This is an open source web conferencing system which is hosted by CAU's IT department. Access to the conferences are typically accessible by using a meeting code, but you can also login with your RZ-ID and the corresponding account password.


CAU offers its students access to numerous software products, including some Microsoft programs, Sophos Antivirus or SPSS, partly free of charge or at reduced prices for the duration of your studies. A complete list of the software offered can be found here: