Orientation Week 2021

Orientation Week 2021

We are very excited to welcome this year’s new students to the School of Sustainability!

For more information on the taught master programmes, modules, and general university life we will hold an Orientation Week. The Orientation Week will take place from October 19th until 23rd and is mandatory for all new students, as it provides you with important information on your study course.

Most of the sessions during Orientation Week will be held online for people not in Kiel to be able to participate. However, there will be some more casual in-person activities for those in Kiel. In order to plan all events and sessions, please register for the Orientation Week following this link: https://forms.gle/x2RTKCjveW53aNZG9

You will be provided the Zoom link for online sessions and further information after you register.

You can find the Orientation Week 2021 schedule below or as a PDF here

Orientation Week 2021

19th–23rd October


Welcome to the School of Sustainability

11:00, via Zoom, mandatory for all students


Break (at 12:00)


Get to know each other via ‘Miro’
12:15, via Zoom, mandatory for all students


Lunch Break (at 13:00)


Master Introduction
14:00, via Zoom, mandatory for all students, EM & SSE separated



16:30, in person, non-mandatory


*Please bring your own cutlery and plate and a dish to share. Please note that there will be no way to re-heat your dish.




09:00, via Zoom, mandatory for all students


Introduction to CAU learning platforms
09:15, via Zoom, mandatory for all student


Module Info Session

10:00, via Zoom, mandatory for all SSE students


Lunch Break (at 12:00)


Tour Department of Geography (SSE)

14:00, in person, non-mandatory


Campus Tour
14:30, in person, non-mandatory




Q&A Opportunity

9:00, via Zoom, non-mandatory


Introduction ‘Sustainable City Kiel’
10:00, via Zoom, mandatory for all students


Lunch Break (at 12:00)


Input: Making a change within and beyond the academic context

13:00-14:00, via Zoom, mandatory for all students


Workshop: Sexual Violence Awareness

15:00-17:00, via Zoom, mandatory for all students    


Pub Quiz
20:00, via Zoom, non-mandatory



Workshop: Intercultural work in teams

10:00–13:00, via Zoom, mandatory for all students


Q&A Opportunity

13:30–14:15, via Zoom, non-mandatory


Sustainable City Rally through Kiel

15:00, in person, non-mandatory



Get to know day-trip*

tba, in person, non-mandatory


*will be to somewhere in the surroundings of Kiel, reachable by public transport